A group of young hockey players attending a Coast camp.

Coast to Coast Hockey Academy trains beyond typical shooting schools; we strive to make our players puck-competent when they’re shooting, passing, transitioning with the puck, controlling the puck in confined spaces, controlling the puck at maximum speed, being evasive with the puck, and much more!

Our private and semi-private lessons offer tailored-made programs to each student, maximizing their success. This is achieved through our 4-step program of Assessment, Planning, Execution, and Reporting.

Step 1 – Assessment

Coast to Coast offers assessment-based training to determine your strengths and weaknesses...

Coast to Coast Hockey Academy recognizes that assessment plays an instrumental role in skill development. That’s why we depend on our Player Rating System to track and monitor player progress. Initially, students receive a diagnostic assessment to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and at the end of every private session. 

Step 2 - Planning

Your coach will develop specialized programs around your strengths and weaknesses...

No more generic practices! Your instructor will design a program that is tailor-made for you, and you will get personalized training in your private sessions.

Step 3 – Execution

We believe in repetition...

We help you improve on your weaknesses (and enhance your strengths) through repetition of drills in private sessions or camp settings.

Step 4 – Reporting

We believe in communication of results...

With Coast to Coast Hockey Academy, you will always know where you stand, how well you’re doing, how much you’ve improved, and where you’re focusing next. 

There are three ways to improve with Coast to Coast Hockey Academy:

  1. Book a private lesson now!
  2. Book a team session now!
  3. Sign-up for our holiday, March Break, PD Day or summer camps!